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Real customers sharing their Betterman Experience. Quotes taken directly from e-mail, social media & pre-launch reviews, and shared with permission. If you would like your quote added email help@betterman.uk 

Last updated November 2020.

"Feet look like they belong to royalty. Arrived fast enough I'm happy."

- Chris F.


"Sandstorm pro is so quick and flawless I wonder why I never tried this before. Certainly feeling like a Betterman"
- Stevie F


"Had my Sandstorm Pro for approximately 10 days now and used 3 times already. A complete change in terms of my heels. Can't wait to try the cream next"
- Vince C


"My husband tried this as he was too shy to head to a Pedicure, plus it's quite expensive. Now it's part of his daily routine. A quick 2 minutes after shower and he's happy"
- Nita P.


"I will refer everyone I know. I love Betterman. It's all good. "
- Martin A.


"Thanks so much for the Sandstorm Pro! I don't know what else to say but it works amazingly well and the box is cool."
- Jon W


"Thanks guys, keep up the good work! The foot file is excellent. Thank you so much for your help and comms."
- Paolo F


"Cool idea i'm a fan"
- Marco Y


 I don't often leave feedback but have to say you've actually increased my confidence. Used to hate all that dead skin around the feet."
- Kevin F


"Give it a try. You won't regret it."
- Liam P.


"Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results post use. Really good and it's only been a Week"
- Delroy S


"I can't say enough about Betterman. Thank you for making a painless, hassle free home pedicure"
- Matthew L


"I hread online the Ancient Greeks used to file their feet religiously, I'm glad Betterman are breaking down barrier"
- Martin I.


"You guys rock! 
- Ruby G.


"I've seen the journey from day one and have been impressed by the high standards you maintained. Nice work on your new website."
- Felipe P


"Comms very accurate and precise, signed up for the pre-sale!"
- Mo I


"I'm so proud of you guys for upgrading to a website. I've been following your ventures for a Year now and love that you are REAL about what you sell."

- Domikina P


"The CBD cream is ace! It will certainly be a mainstay in my grooming catalogue"

- Joseph P


"I have a different perspective having followed your original gift store from scratch and seen you get your first office in West End. I'm proud of the team and love your selection. The Sandstorm Pro is quality"

- Jon J


"Everything is straight up and to the point. Very reliable thanks"

- David Prado, CEO of Bischell


"For all your needs really, you can't go wrong"

- Tia Mai, CEO of LoveMissCupcakes


"Transparency is the key, what you see is what you get"

- Omar Khan, CFA