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What really causes dry cracked heels & how do I treat them? | Betterman

What really causes dry cracked heels & how do I treat them?

Cracked heels occur from tiny splits that are found in dry and damaged skin. It can be problematic to leave this untreated as these tears can grow into deeper cracks. Most people are on their feet a good portion of the day and heels carry the weight whenever you’re standing, so when they lack moisture and dry skin builds, cracked heels can develop.


What causes cracked heels?

As with most medical issues, there isn’t one cause for cracked heels. That being said we’ve broken them down into four main areas:


Medical conditions
such as obesity, diabetes, eczema, hypothyroidism, Sjögren’s syndrome, juvenile plantar dermatosis, 
such as athlete’s foot when left unchecked can often spread and lead to cracked heels, amongst other things.
Biomechanical factors
such as flat feet, standing for a long duration, poorly fitting shoes, as well as dry, cold weather.


How to treat cracked heels?

Getting pedicures which can be time consuming and expensive. A much more productive yet safe home remedy is to use the BetterMan SANDSTORM PRO. Precision engineered for home use and built with skinsecure™ technology it’s a safe and painless option.


Simply follow the below steps;

  1. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. 
  2. Wipe feet with a cloth until dry. 
  3. Turn on the Sandstorm Pro by holding the power button for 3 seconds.
  4. Press the power again to adjust the rotation speed
  5. Slide over the cracked heel gently to achieve the desired result.
  6. Once finished Rinse skin or use a wet towel to remove excess cuticles
  7. Apply BetterMan foot cream to moisturise.