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What is the best gift for Father's Day 2021? | Betterman

What is the best gift for Father's Day 2021?

Sunday 20th June 2021 is soon approaching but as with valentine’s, Christmas, Easter, birthdays and all the other 300x days a Year you have no idea what to buy!






As Betterman have you covered with 5 gifts that will make your brothers and sisters green with envy but also won’t damage the furlough-filled wallet.


1. A new wardrobe (with a £50 Asos budget)

Dad’s are not exactly well known for refreshing their clothing, so an extended period of the Pubs and restaurants closed has likely done nothing for his wardrobe. Why not give him a refresh and replenish those tired threads. Beats seeing that same flannel shirt from the Year 2,000 (again).


2. Tickets to a bottomless brunch

Ok, this may be a little far right but Dad’s love to (think) they are still young. Of course, we’re not saying whisk him off to Ibiza but perhaps something a little classier like a rooftop or music led like a night at the Soul Supper. It’s an option.


3. Build a Better-Dad… from the feet up

Now we may be a little bias but now is the perfect time to nudge your Dad in the right direction when it comes to male grooming. The Betterman Ultimate package is the start and finish line when it comes to all things foot-related so catch both here and get free shipping today!


4. Taskmaster Board Game

If your old man is the adventurous type then he’s sure to enjoy a bit of taskmaster. It’s on Dave which is pretty much Dad's best friend during the lockdown and can replace the family zoom quiz

“Compete with your friends and family in a series of ludicrous tasks to be crowned Taskmaster Champion.” 

You had us at Amazon Prime.


5. Take him fishing 

According to the hours of research (googling) that went into this article Dad’s love fishing. Luckily for our UK audience, we have a handy link to 6 of the best fishing spots the Country has to offer! 


And if none of that works...a firm hug and a card never hurt.