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How to make my feet look better? It’s flip- flop season! | Betterman

How to make my feet look better? It’s flip- flop season!


Ok, lockdown has been kind of crap! But the good news is restrictions are lifting and we’ll all be allowed out soon. 


Not only that but Summer is around the corner ☀️


Your shorts are ready, sunglasses are shining and all 5x Hawaiian shirts are crease-free...all that’s left is to whip out the flip flops and make sure your feet are in order!

Thankfully for you, we’ve made the ultimate quick tips to make your feet look better this Summer

1. Change your footwear & socks daily

It’s not quite summering so those still in socks be sure to change them daily. This also goes to your footwear. Alternating allows shoes to air out preventing a build-up of bacteria. As for socks...we’re not school kids anymore there’s no need to wear the same pair twice without washing!


2. Wash your feet with soap & water (of course!)

If you want to keep your trotters fresh and healthy be sure to give them a dedicated wash with soap and water every day. Don’t just let them marinate in the cocktail of second-hand shower gel, sweat, and water that builds at the bottom of the shower. Actually, take the time to give them a good clean. 


3. Thoroughly dry your feet

Wet feet are a haven for bacteria to develop and are a leading cause in the dreaded athlete’s foot. By drying them immediately after a shower you reduce the chances of this and all sorts of other issues arising.

4. Cut toenails straight across (and don’t try to cut it all at once)

Now your feet are washed and dry you need to sort the nails. Cutting them straight across is the best way to ward off ingrown toenails. This is something you want to avoid at all costs as the pain is at least 2.5x worse than the dreaded man flu.


5. Use the right tools for the right job

You don’t go fishing with a lawnmower and you shouldn’t treat your feet with any old device. Betterman has everything you need to file and moisturise effectively. From the SkinSecure Sandstorm Pro to our calming foot cream. It’s a treatment for men, by men.