A new standard in mens foot care

  • SkinSecure™

    Combining the latest advances in design and engineering, the SANDSTORM PRO is the perfect tool for fast and painless foot filing.

  • Multi Use

    2x Adjustable speeds. 1700x low speed for daily foot care and 2000x high speed for hard dead skin.

  • Unlimited Power

    Charge anywhere, anytime. Each box includes a USB Wire for quick and easy use. Meanwhile advance LCDs show EXACTLY how much battery remains and when to charge.

  • Waterproof

    Certified IPX7 Waterproof. You can enjoy convenient foot care in the bathroom, simply rinse the roller head post clean for easy use.

Our Luxury Gift Boxes Have Arrived

Get man feet you can be proud of with the Betterman SANDSTORM PRO. Remove dead skin in seconds and treat dry or cracked feet from the comfort of your home.

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